Casco Closca by Rosemile Drewer

Casco Closca by Rosemile Drewer
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Title: Open your mind, but protect your head Technique: Acrylic Born of restlessness, by the need to express, and to stir your most primal instincts. A seed planted in Valencia, in 1985, that begins to sprout after a fierce struggle full of errors, conflicts, but also lessons learned, goals achieved, and world travel. Because he does not understand a world without passion, a life without illusion, and a work without motivation. That's why, after studying Industrial Design Engineering, this artist-designer is dedicated to squeezing every hour and every day, enjoying and creating on the road, but without neglecting professionalism, which has led him to work with prestigious brands as MINI, Heineken, Desperados, Valencia Basket, Formula E, Damnraw, etc ... Website:

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