Casco Closca by Pepitagrilla

Casco Closca by Pepitagrilla
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Title: Nos Miran Technique: Acrilyc and marker I am a graduate in interior design, although my impulses have led me to make the illustration my means of expression and life. I worked as an interior designer for a few years, and after two years I changed the plans, the scalers and the Autocad for brushes, canvases and Illustrator, which allowed me to be freer and develop my creativity a lot more. Now that I have a new world to live full of colors, I do not want to ever move away from it. I work as an illustrator and tattoo artist. I use a simple and poetic language with a lot of color, where simple forms and bright colors are the protagonists, arriving immediately at the interior of each person. For me, this is the most important thing, to transmit and communicate. Website:

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