Casco Closca by Javier Calvo

Casco Closca by Javier Calvo
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Title: Rayo Abismal Technique: Acrylic paint Fine Arts Studies in Valencia and Paris, professor of fashion design, exhibitions in Spain, France, Mexico, USA, Latin America, Morocco, international fairs in France, Germany, USA, etc. Works in museums: Chirivella Soriano Valencia Foundation, Valencia IVAM, Valencia Fine Arts Museum, Bancaja Foundation, Valencia Polytechnic University, Martínez Guerricabeitia Collection, General Universitat Valencia Foundation, Valencia Excursionist Center, Valencia Presval Collection, Engloba Valencia Collection, SAV Valencia Collection, City Hall Torrent, Villafamés Museum, Castellón, Miguel Hernández Orihuela Foundation, Alicante, Elche Contemporary Art Museum, Reina Sofía Madrid Museum, Granollers Barcelona Museum, Ibiza Contemporary Art Museum, Most Excellent Diputación de Málaga, Museum of Contemporary Art of Granada, Museum of Contemporary Art Mammola Italy, Contemporary Art Museum of Antwerp (Belgium), Dance Museum of Havana (Cuba), Museum of Contemporary Art of Montevideo (Uruguay), Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Valencia, excellent Town Hall of Valencia. Awards: Scholarship arts Ministry of Culture of Spain, Joaquin Sorolla medal XI Salón de Marzo Valencia, grant Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain and the French government, Paris, prize School of Fine Arts of Valencia. Director of the Fashion Week of Valencia. Collaborator in radio and TV. Website:

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