Casco Closca by Hector Merienda

Casco Closca by Hector Merienda
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Title: Espaiet i bona lletra

Technique: Letraset and patience

Hello! I am Héctor Campoy (or Héctor Merienda) a small and bearded Valencian graphic designer who is in love with the sea, cheese, balloons and paper, who loves birdhouses, bicycles and toy keys. From my profession, I love typography, playing with color and reticles. I work in graphic design, web, corporate identity, naming, branding, UI / UX, product, editorial, pictograms ... I have an instagram account in which besides being a diary I collaborate with cool brands for which I make creative photos. MERIENDA Formed as a studio in 2009 with Jennifer Merienda, we have worked on projects such as La Fantástica Guía de Ruzafa, for local clients such as Gnomo, Bar Tonyina, Olhöps or La Conservera, nationals such as Larios or Etnia Barcelona and international companies such as Olympus, Huawei or WeTransfer. We love to have a finger in every pie whenever there is something to snack and design through. Website:

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