Casco Closca by Arquicostura de Raquel Rodrigo

Casco Closca by Arquicostura de Raquel Rodrigo
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Title: Floreciendo Technique: Dimensional painting Raquel Rodrigo was born in Valencia in 1984 and studied Fine Arts. She currently works as a set designer, interior designer and window dresser and is characterized by the constant search to unite art and design, tradition and contemporaneity, artisanal and industrial in her work. Arquicostura is her emblematic project, a discourse between the public and the private, taking to the streets the traditional cross stitch, a feminine art and invisible as a second skin that is embedded in buildings, plots, even non-places. Arquicostura transmits to the viewer a personal relationship with his own history, his home, his family, his mothers and grandmothers, all told and to tell stories. Website:

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