Casco Closca by Ada Diez

Casco Closca by Ada Diez
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Title: The Journey Technique: Posca Acrylic Marker Valencian illustrator, Ada Diez stands out for its versatility, which allows it to be part of projects of very different nature. She has participated in solo and group exhibitions in different cities of Spain or collaborated for Nastio Mosquito in the Fondazione Prada (Milan). Among her works you can find works for very diverse clients, from urban art festivals like Desvelarte, advertising works or graphic work for Radio 3, Revista Cactus, ¡Hostia un Libro!, Kling, Instituto Confucio, Festival 10 Sentidos o Centre del Carme in addition to a large number of covers for musical works. Co-creator and art director of the project Hits With Tits and the Truenorayo Fest. Web:

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