The answers to all your questions, whether to bid, access your account or browse the auction catalog.

What is the “CAPTCHA” on the registration form?

It is a number that is shown in an image to detect that it is a physical person who fills out the form and not a robot.


Why sign up for an auction before bidding?

Each auction is held in a single currency and under the auction conditions of each one. The inscription to an auction allows us to guarantee the viability of the payment account and avoid that the bids are awarded to people who can not pay the amount of their adjudications.


How do I know if I won the bid?

Once the auction is finished, the winner of the bid is notified via email with the description of the object of the auction and the total amount of the bid.


How do I pick up the helmet?

We have three types of deliveries, the first is done by hand and to agree with the client, if it is from Valencia. The second option is national shipping with € 10 postage and the third international shipping with € 40 postage.


How can I change my bids?

By submitting a bid, you agree to purchase a lot at this price if you win the bid. You can increase your bids if someone submits a higher bid.


Can I use the helmet?

You have to understand that it is an original work of art and each helmet has a different finish provided by the artist. The buyer can use the helmet under his own responsibility at the risk of causing damage to the  artwork.


Can I return the helmet?

No returns are made. Once the helmet is shipped, the SympathyCollaboration team is not responsible for any damage to the work.