Interview with Jorge Lawerta

Lawerta: “style is something that is always in process, it is not something that is finished”

Jorge Lawerta, Valencia 1983. After working for years in design studios and advertising agencies, this Valencian illustrator decided to make a radical change in his life and start illustrating on his own. His simple and colorful style drinks from sources as diverse as football or music but there is also room for lettering projects loaded with irony or sex. Traditional illustration, digital, lettering, characters … any excuse is good for drawing.


Sympathy Collaboration: Tell us Jorge what is your working methodology?
Jorge Lawerta: Well, I usually differentiate between client work and personal work, but I suppose in both cases I spend a lot more time thinking about the idea or defining what I’m going to do, rather than the execution, because it’s quite simple in style what I do but find the image is the most important. Once I have it clear, doing it is much easier and faster.

SC: Have you encountered any kind of difficulty with this work?
Lawerta: Difficulty yes because I usually work on a flat surface and this is a volume, so it is difficult for you to put your hand and find the position in which you are comfortable. On a technical level it is a non-porous surface and not just any ink covers or works well … let’s say it’s been a little uncomfortable to work with (laughs).



Jorge Lawerta (Photo: Generando Imagen)

SC: What do you do to recharge ideas?
Lawerta: Well, really nothing special. I think that like all of us, we are very hooked on social networks and the Internet, so I consume many images. Pinterest for example is like a tailor’s box, I spend hours looking at it, I listen to a lot of music … I think it’s just seeing the work of other illustrators and other artists that makes you want to get up and paint.

SC: Did you take a long time before finding your own style?
Lawerta: It would be necessary to define a lot, but I suppose it is something that is in process, it is not something that is finalized, I think it is something that you are shaping, removing layers and adding until in the end, when you finish and see all the work you have done, you can see what the style was like. I think the style is changing and evolving, I would not know if I have a specific style.

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